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Impact of Dishonesty in Family Law Cases


Because divorce and custody cases deal with the things that are most near and dear to us, it is understandable that these issues see a great number of desperate people making poor decisions. When so much is at stake, fear can drive a person to act in ways they wouldn’t normally do. It is all too common for one party to attempt to conceal assets or income from their soon-to-be-ex, or to fabricate allegations of domestic abuse.

While it is understandable how deceit may enter the picture: it does not excuse or condone dishonest behavior. The consequences of dishonesty in these dealings is varied, and includes:

  1. Eroded Trust: If dishonest behavior or actions waylay a case then the legal battle will be prolonged, costs will in all likelihood be higher, there is now heightened animosity between the parties, and in cases involving children, they really stand to pay the most from the degradation of morale between their parents.
  2. Legal Consequences: California courts will consider consequences such as sanctions, fines, and even criminal charges for those that lie under oath or falsify evidence.
  3. Custody and Visitation Impacts: The courts could change their rulings on custody and/or visitation based on false allegations, and for the parent who is found to be making false allegations against their ex-spouse.
  4. Financial Impacts: Dishonestly hiding or concealing assets can lead to inequitable division of property and debts, and could also impact child support calculations. Conversely, if you are found to have hidden or attempted to hide a financial asset in the course of the divorce, the court could strip you of your rights to that asset and give it in its entirety to your ex.

How to Avoid the Risks of False Allegations

Be your own best advocate in the divorce – be proactive. Maintain detailed records of financial transactions, and make a record of relevant events that can refute false allegations against you. Do not hesitate to engage with an experienced divorce and family law attorney. They are professionals who can advocate on your behalf. And remind yourself and your spouse that any children involved should come first. The more graciously the spouses can exit a marriage, the better off the children are likely to be.

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