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Category Archives: Family Law


Grandparent Visitation Rights In California

By Cardwell Steigerwald Young LLP |

Life is  often a collection of contradictions. A very common saying in the United States is “it takes a village to raise a child.” Many parents of young children know this to be very true. Both children and parents often benefit from having a number of adults form a support community around them. However,… Read More »

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Child Abandonment And The Termination Of Parental Rights

By Cardwell Steigerwald Young LLP |

Most of the hardest fought battles in family court involve children, and arguing over what is in their best interest. When people begin a family they rarely believe that one parent will abandon the child. However, as we all know, this has always been a too-often sad reality for many children. Every state and… Read More »

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Can I Keep My Rings After My Relationship Dissolves?

By Cardwell Steigerwald Young LLP |

Jewelry can hold a lot of memories, and a lot of meaning. The engagement and wedding rings that are exchanged between partners are not only valuable for the monetary worth they have, but for the symbolic meaning and promise they hold. This makes it all the more difficult to determine what to do with… Read More »

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