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Types of California Restraining Orders


A restraining order helps protect countless individuals against persons that are harassing, or otherwise threatening them. If you need to pursue a restraining order in California, you need to understand what options are available to you. You also need to gather the necessary proof or evidence of the threats and harassment you are seeking protection against.

Types of California Restraining Orders

There are several categories of restraining order that apply in various situations. While it is a piece of paper, a court order – that court order makes it a matter of record that abuses are occurring, and that record affords the court the ability to act on your behalf and limit the movements and actions of the person the order is taken against in a way that the court could not do if there is no record of abuses being done.

For example, hundreds of people may walk past your workplace every day. There is nothing in the state constitution or national constitution that would prohibit an average person on the street to walk by your office space every day, even multiple times a day. While there is nothing inherently nefarious with someone walking past your office, if you have a record that one specific person has been harassing you and walks by your office 70 times a day and has a history of harassing you, the court CAN take action to stop that person from being able to do so.

The following restraining orders are recognized in California:

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence orders exist to help those experiencing domestic violence. You do not need to hire a lawyer or pay any fees to file a protective order with the court. Safety is the most important thing in these situations, and you should not hesitate to take the steps you need for fear of any financial burdens. With that being said, a domestic violence or family law attorney can provide valuable help with your case as you move forward. 911 and other emergency services are available to provide immediate help as well, whether you have filed for a restraining order or not.

Those served with a domestic violence protective order will need to follow the requirements, or they could be facing criminal charges for non-compliance.

Civil Harassment

Civil harassment restraining orders are issued when one is being harassed or otherwise threatened by a person you have never had a close romantic or familial relationship with – such as a co-worker or a cousin.

Violence In the Workplace

Filing this type of restraining order is ideal for those who have been threatened or harassed in the workplace. This order is unique in that you need to report the abuses to your employer, and it is the employer who must file for the order on behalf of their employee.

Elder Abuse

This order addresses abuses suffered by an elderly person and can be filed against any adult that is abusing the elderly person. The term “abuse” can apply in a number of ways here, to include physical abuse, emotional abuse, and financial abuse.

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